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Nick is a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. He presents some interesting material on a variety of subjects.


In performance he has a calm stage presence and a delivery which displays a self-deprecating manner.  This, combined with a wit and           a knowledgeable grasp of a wide range of                                      subjects, makes Nick’s content entertaining as well as informative.


He has produced three well received                                                       albums in the last few years - Thicker Than Water                               The Final Straw  and                                                                                 Views From the Gramper Van  and all are still  available.  He also plays with The Throwbacks who present                                                           an excellent repertoire of songs from the 50s & 60s.


Nick has been playing and writing for more                                                years than he would care to remember.  He has played in various bands over the years where he has contributed                                         much in terms of writing, arranging and playing.  In more recent times he has been playing solo gigs presenting                                         his own material.  He has also recorded two CDs in the last few years and is soon to release a third.  They have                                         been well received by a wide range of people for the quality of the song writing, which covers a range of topics and styles.                             The arrangements and production have also been complemented.  Nick has been supported in this by various musicians                                 and collaborators, notably Sean Marshall on drums who has also helped greatly with many of the arrangements;                                        Chris Hunter on bass and vocals has also helped

with some arrangements and been a very helpful                                  and supportive critical friend.  Desmond James

(drums), Sara Moss (vocals) and Rosie Hunter (vocals)                     have also made important contributions.


Nick has played in various bands, such as Collision and Bright Spark back in the 70s and 80s.  

In 1984 Nick started The Throwbacks along with Chris Hunter, a band formed to play classic songs

from the 50s and 60s.  The band is still playing today with Nick & Chris the only members from

the start, although Colin Marshall, Rosie Hunter and Desmond James do deserve mention for their persistence

at the very least.


Like many musicians, for Nick the dream was watered down to pay the rent,

so the gigs and playing decreased.  However, in recent years Nick has been

able to devote more time to writing, playing and recording as the CDs demonstrate.  

He has also become involved in Croydon Folk Club.

In the summer of 2018 Nick relocated to Ambleside

in Cumbria.  Although there is regret at leaving many

musical friends and contacts, there is excitement and

anticipation at finding new places to play people to meet.


Nick’s main instrument is the guitar, particularly the acoustic guitar.  

The guitar has always had a sense of rich completeness that still makes it special.  

Nick is a competent finger style guitarist, but can play other styles including some slide

work.  He is fortunate enough to own some special sounding guitars:  A Lowden F23C,

an Ovation Custom legend 12 string from 1976, an Ovation Artist 6 string owned from new

in 1979.  He also plays electric guitar (especially with The Throwbacks) and uses a 1968 Fender Telecaster Custom.  In addition Nick plays mandolin, mandola, bass and keyboards.

His writing has been central to his music from the start.  There Is no specific focus, it can range from things inspired by family, events, books through to politics.  It also includes some instrumentals.  His lyrics have been described as poignant and hard-hitting.





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